Why we make your Precious Creations

Cloversoul is a passion. Born of desire and a will to create, our jewellery is hand crafted from our studio workshop based in the North Of England. Using English solid sterling, hand marked silver as a partnership we aim to put the passion, energy and excitement of our union into luscious hand crafted works that aim to: inspire; be worn; lived with and cherished. Whether it’s a special occasion to be marked, a close person to be treated or an indulgent personal gift these handcrafted works – personalised, made to order or simply chosen from our growing collection – encompass the simplicity and complexity of fine handcrafted wares.

Cloversoul’s adornments aims to provide a much needed ‘left of centre’ approach to producing and presenting jewellery to behold. The workshop works throughout the year offering new designs and reacting to the more interesting and exclusive trends. Including personally led product development. Special one offs and prototypes are offered on a regular basis.

Sick and tired of mass produced landfill jewellery. Cloversoul was born slippy from the minds of two artists running thru the sun and rain of the Northern Pennines UK. CloverSoul looks for the light shining thru the crack in the clouds and reaffirms the majestic in the mundane thru positive human endeavour. listening to the subtle nuances of communication and eye twinkles they develop shell delights in their laboratory of hammers, polishing machines and hi tech (think: the lab in Bladerunner crossed with Amelie). Renovating and taking inspiration from heavy duty UK pre war engineering machines. As they clean the oil and caked on grease to release the potential of long forgotten english voodoo manufacturing processes the ship alights and floats leaving precious creations in its wake. Come aboard and enjoy the ride, the hammer is about to drop forge.

CloverSouls xx